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What are the best running sunglasses?

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What are the best running sunglasses?

Small vents on the lenses and frames, along with a vent control system that adjusts airflow, prevents fogging and misting in any kind of weather. Paired with a flexible frame and a wide, full-coverage lens,  is an excellent choice for runners of all levels.

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Quirky and fun while still protective and functional, is our choice for runners on a budget. Polarized lenses and thick, sturdy frames make this quality pair of shades feel a lot pricier than they actually are. And with plenty of lens and frame color options, there’s to match any condition or style preference.

If you’re more likely to hit the trails than the treadmill, you’ll want to invest in  the best running sunglasses for trail runs. Trail runners will see colors, contrasts, and potential hazards with more clarity and acuity.

The glasses is a nearly perfect running companion. Weighing in at one ounce with condensation-inhibiting vents on the front chassis, temples, and lenses, you may forget that you have it on in the first place (a sure sign of a fantastic pair of shades).

Despite feeling lightweight, the glasses isn’t what I would consider fragile — the frame and temples are constructed from a relatively heavy-duty plastic with a pliable, rubbery arm. This malleability allows the glasses to fit a variety of face shapes, although they’re best suited for a small or medium sized head. They stayed solidly in place on my average-sized skull, without producing enough pressure to create a tension headache. However if my head was a lot bigger, I think they would feel too tight.

Venting directly on the lenses and frames is a design choice I’d not seen on any other pair of running sunglasses, so I was eager to test them out in conditions where a fogged-up lens was all but guaranteed. On my initial test I noticed the smallest amount of misting near the top of the lens, but it wasn’t enough to distract me or require a wipe-off. To be honest, I was still very impressed with the performance — similar weather conditions would fog up other sunglasses I owned within seconds, and I’d have to wipe them off while still trying to maintain pace.

When I popped the glasses back on for the following afternoon’s run, I took advantage of the vent control system — the ability to adjust the lens within the frame, creating an altered airflow pattern. The minimal fogging I had experienced the previous day was absent. A very minor problem, solved.

Initially, I assumed that the downside to these lens and frame vents would be that they’d allow some unwanted sunlight in, especially if I was running on light concrete. Surprisingly, this was not the case — the  (a measurement of the lens’ degree of wrap-around effect) paired with a wide lens resulted in almost flawless coverage wherever I ran.

It would be hard to compile a “best running sunglasses” list without including Oakley at least once. The brand has long been synonymous with high-quality outdoor sporting apparel, and frequently leads the pack with their technical advances and performance-centric designs.

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