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  • What button functions are available on the True Wireless Earphones?

    For calls: Gently tap either one of the earphones twice: Answer/End call
    For Music & Voice Assistant:
    If you're wearing both earphones, gently tap the right (R) earphone twice to Play/Pause music. Gently tap the left (L) earphone twice to access the voice assistant. Also, taking out an earphone will pause music.
    If you're wearing only one earphone, gently tap the earphone twice to Play/Pause music.
  • How do I switch on/switch off the earphones?

    Once you open the charging case, the earphones will automatically turn on. To disconnect the earphones, place the earphones back into the charging case and close the lid this will put the earphones to sleep mode automatically.
  • What are devices supported by True Wireless Earphones?

    True Wireless Earphones support all Android, iOS and Windows based devices with Bluetooth compatibility.<o:p>

  • When my earbuds’ battery no longer holds charges?

    The quality and capacity of battery will decide, but as nature of Lithium ion battery, it starts to degrade after 2 years of use. So don’t expect them last forever.

  • What’s CVC technology used in true wireless earbuds?

    The technology filters out the background noise and enhance the voice the earbuds want to capture when you make calls. It is integrated to delivered the best possible call performance for earbuds.

  • How to charge?

    1. While charging the red light is on.

    2. When fully charged the blue light will be lit for 2 minutes and then go out.

    3. Case charging the red light is on. When fully charged the red will go off.

    4. This charging case supports charging and discharging at the same time.

    Note: Do not charge your headset for much longer than 2.5 hours at a time, because this can lead to a reduction in battery capacity and can void your manufacturer's warranty.

  • How do I charge these earphones?

    When the True Wireless Earphones are placed in the charging case, they will automatically start charging and it takes approximately 30 mins for a full charge.

  • How to wear the TWS?

    To properly wear the ear buds:
    1. Identify the Left and Right Look above the earbud for an R or L.
    Place the earphone with the earbud in your ear canal and rotate forward until comfortable.

  • How to pair the i12 TWS to your my phone?

    Short press the button on both earbuds at the same time. You will hear an audible cue saying, "Power On" and then saying ''Your Device Is Connected".<o:p>

    1. Find "TWS XXX"on your phone or tablet wireless.<o:p>

    2. Click it and you will hear an audible cue saying ''Your Device Is Connected". Now your device is successfully connected. You can play music or make a phone call.<o:p>

  • Why the TWS headphones does not charge?

    Please make sure both ends of the USB cable are securely connected. If you use a power outlet, ensure that the power supply is connected securely and the outlet works. If you use a computer, make sure it is connected and the USB port is powered. Try to turn on the headset and then turn them off. Disconnect and reconnect the USB charging cable.


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