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The Best Sunglasses for Every Face Shape 

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The Best Sunglasses for Every Face Shape 

Understanding prescription sunglasses

If you’re unsure what type of coating or sunglasses you need then see below for a helpful explanation :

Polarised - When scattered visible light from the sun meets a horizontal surface, like a road or water, a large proportion of it is reflected, causing a white glare which can reduce visibility and cause eye strain. Polarised lenses filter out these reflections, allowing you see more clearly in situations where glare may be a problem or even dangerous, such as when driving.

Mirrored - As well as having a distinctive and fashionable look, mirrored sun lenses significantly decrease the amount of light entering the eye, making them ideal for people with a sensitivity to sunlight. They also reduce the glare from surfaces including snow and ice, so are particularly beneficial if you participate in water sports or outdoor activities at high altitude, such as skiing or snowboarding.

UV Coating -  If you’re adding a coloured tint to your lenses, we would also recommend a UV coating, which will protect your eyes from the sun; prolonged exposure to which could eventually damage the retina and lead to cataracts. A UV coating added to clear lenses can give you the same protection as sunglasses, without changing the colour.

Tints and Coatings - Whether for function or fashion, adding a coloured tint to plain lenses can help reduce eyestrain and glare, protect against potentially harmful UV rays and increase visual perception by improving contrast and enhancing depth awareness.

Adaptive lenses - Adjusting automatically depending on the level of natural light, adaptive lenses allow you to see comfortably in all conditions, without the need to switch and change your glasses. This makes them ideal for people with eyes that are sensitive to light or those with an active outdoor lifestyle.

Now you know which type of prescription sunglasses you want, but what about the frames? We’ve rounded up the best prescription frames out there covering all shapes, colours, sizes and budgets.

Who said accessories had to be boring? These bright square tortoise shell frames bring intrigue to your holiday wardrobe and can be paired with neutral tones or vibrant hues to really get in the summer mood.

With the return of summer festivals just round the corner, these neon blue cat eye sunglasses are a bold and fun statement that will work with any and all outfits come rain or shine. They are also super budget friendly so if you end up falling face first in the mud as you attempt to locate your tent, then it won’t be the end of the world.

The best running sunglasses

The best running sunglasses will do a lot more than just shield your eyes from the sun’s rays —  they’ll improve your depth perception, enhance the colors you see, and reduce potentially blinding glare from reflective surfaces. Even if you don’t typically find yourself squinting under bright conditions, popping on the right pair of running sunglasses can boost your efforts and make for a better — and safer — run.

Running sunglasses are built differently than the shades you’d wear to a party or on the beach. Designed with performance and high-intensity activity in mind, they’re engineered to stay secure and in place while the miles accumulate. Their lenses can be curved to a greater degree in order to diminish the amount of light that leaks around the edge, and they can be tinted in varying colors to best suit your running environment. And since running sunglasses are usually constructed from more pliable and flexible materials, they weigh less and fit more comfortably than typical sunglasses.

There are almost as many kinds of running sunglasses as there are running sneakers, so selecting the right pair for your circumstances is essential. Whether you’re looking for the highest level of coverage, frames that will accommodate your face shape, or something you can wear for both a half-marathon and a friend’s wedding, we’ve found the best running sunglasses for every runner on the road (or trail).

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