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The reasons why i appreciate to the sunglasses

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The reasons why i appreciate to the sunglasses

the taller lens leads to increased viewing range in the upper peripheral region of your vision. Initially, this was an aspect that I didn’t anticipate noticing on my runs. Once I got out on the road however, it was very apparent — instead of my eyeline hitting the top of the frame when I glanced forward, I’d hit nothing but the lens. The taller lens, paired with the wrap-around design, actually made a much bigger coverage difference than I thought it would.

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Speaking of lenses, I tested a pair of sunglasses with technology that increases contrast and enhances colors. While my surroundings seemed a bit brighter and more detailed (without too much glare, despite a lack of polarization), these features stood out less than the lens length.  

Even with a taller lens and a wide frame, the glasses are relatively lightweight due in part to material construction. Thanks to another innovation, the sunglasses stayed put for the entirety of my runs — nose pads and temple arms kept the sunglasses comfortably secure with each mile that passed. After the runs however, the nose piece kept coming off — something that surprised me given reputation and price point. Luckily, replacement nose pads are included , along with a protective carrying case.

Because of its wide and solid frame, the sunglasses is best suited for men (or runners with larger heads and faces). I appreciated the various technical features during testing, but at the end of the day, I felt like the frames were just simply too big and overpowering. That’s not to say women runners can’t benefit from it, but several other pairs on our list are designed to be a better fit for smaller faces.

I hate to admit it, but the aesthetics of running sunglasses are very important to me. I know my focus should be on the specs, but if the most cutting-edge pair of running sunglasses make me look as if I’ve just beamed down from a UFO (and honestly, a lot of them do), it’s highly unlikely I’ll wear them that often. That’s why my eyes and ego are grateful for the it.

The sunglasses has a more neutral look than most wrap-around sunglasses — both the frame and lenses are free from severe angles or drastic cuts, its overall silhouette is clean and simplified, and its design is aerodynamic without feeling too aggressively masculine. These aspects make the sunglasses a fantastic option for women runners who want a little more versatility from their running sunglasses. They may not be as fashion-forward as a pair of designer shades, but you wouldn’t feel too out-of-place wearing them to the grocery store.

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