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The Best Sunglasses for Looking Hotter Than Your Best Friend's Mom

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The Best Sunglasses for Looking Hotter Than Your Best Friend's Mom

We’re debunking the myth that the best sunglasses need to be hella pricey, with cyberpunk picks, streetwear sunnies, and affordable Amazon shades.

Sunglasses know no season, but hot damn if we don’t need them twice as hard come spring and summer. Once those flea markets pop off, the flowers bloom, and the Aperol spritzes begin to flow, our poor little peepers need fresh pair of sunnies that scream, “My other car is your mom.”

But the best sunglasses shouldn’t have to cost you all your coins, and honestly, most of our shades are destined to get tossed around tote bags, forgotten in Ubers, or crunched by a rogue rear end. (We can’t be expected to control where this sweet peach lands!) But that doesn’t mean we deserve to wear fake, neon Ray-Bans that look like they were given to us by a club promoter on a Florida beach. We’re grown now, dude, and we require the facial accessories that prove it.

Whether you seek a new set of shades for the beach, or a practical pair that you can wear at night better than a Blues Brother, we’ve got you covered with the best sunglasses this side of the Bermuda Triangle. We found everything from 90s-nostalgic wire-frame shades to high fashion Euphoria dupes; we’ve gathered the best sunglasses bundles, Y2K-style shades, Mad Max-worthy pairs, and so much more.

Nothing says, “I think I left my bass here last night” quite like a pair of glasses.  These iconic shades have graced the faces, and so many others. If you own these, there’s a good chance you might (already) be on tour somewhere, smell like a 1970s phone book. We’d roll our eyes some more, but you’d still look slick, dammit.

The best sunglasses bundle on Amazon

Not one, but four pairs of soft-rectangle shaped sunglasses come in this 4.7-star rated Amazon bundle. “They come exactly [as pictured],” writes one reviewer about the sunnies, which come in black, cream, sage, and tortoiseshell colorways. “They’re just great overall.” They’re also one of the most affordable sets you can get online that actually look good, costing roughly $5 per frame.

You read the classics

“Not quite square, not quite round” is how Warby Parker describes this best-selling pair of sunglasses, which are the ideal shades for indecisive—but discerning and well-read—hot people such as yourself.

The coolest thin metal frames

Ah, the 1990s.  reigned supreme, our brows could cut a diamond, and we tried so hard to make sure that none of our sartorial choices were try-hard (easier said than done). We learned a trick or two from low-vibrational cool kids including Lisa Bonet and Aaliyah, who were both famously partial to round, wire-rimmed glasses.

We get it, we get it—you have David Hockney on speed dial, and only go to the movies to catch a film that’s post-post-post French New Wave cinema. You also need these über-round sunglasses to accommodate your artistic tunnel vision.

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