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The Best Audio Sunglasses for Listening to Music and Taking Phone Calls

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The Best Audio Sunglasses for Listening to Music and Taking Phone Calls

These audio sunglasses block UV rays and let you listen to music and phone calls with touch controls on the side of the frames.

Scouting Report: These audio sunglasses are both functional and stylish—and they eliminate the need for earbuds.

Sunglasses with built-in wireless audio? Yes, please! It’s hard enough trying to keep up with your sunglasses and your earbuds—especially when you’re commuting or on the go. Combining the sunglasses with audio functionality into one multi-purpose item is truly the best of both worlds. Plus, investing in one of the best audio sunglasses eliminates the need to actually put anything into your ear canal, which means you’ll be able to hear your music or your business call while also being able to hear what’s happening around you—audio sunglasses are truly a game-changer, folks.

So now you’re convinced that you need a pair of audiosunglasses in your life, but which pair is right for your busy lifestyle? After all, there are quite a few pairs of audio sunglasses on the market these days. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We tested several different pairs of highly-rated audio sunglasses to help you narrow down your search and also got comments from two audio experts to help you make the best choice.

Audio Sunglasses

If you tend to play hard, you need audiosunglasses that can keep up. “For the ultimate outdoor warrior, these sunglasses offer the premium listening experience that one would expect with audio technology,”  “You will be unstoppable with these lightweight, polarized, and water-resistant shades.”

The sunglasses has a matte finish and a battery life that lasts up to 8 hours. “The lenses are even interchangeable and the polycarbonate frames are prescription ready if you want that option,” Villano says. “Soft silicone nose pads will keep the frames snug while reducing friction against your skin when you are going all out in your workouts.” And the curved frame of the sunglasses also helps to keep them in place while also remaining comfortable.

The intuitive touch controls let you adjust the volume just by sliding your finger along the right temple, and you can access your phone’s voice assistant with a simple double-tap.

Audio Sunglasses

If you like to change styles, the Bluetooth Audio Smart Glasses have almost a dozen different interchangeable frames. Using the quick release hinges, you can change to several different types and styles of frames— some with polarized lenses and others with blue-light filtering. “It’s easy to immerse yourself in the outdoors with this fun pair of shades, and the flexible hinges offer a more comfortable fit for wider faces,” Villano says.

The water-resistant frames last for up to 5.5 hours before they need to be charged. “Just tap on the audio temple to change tunes or take a call or go hands-free with the built-in audio assistant – and there is a privacy mode too, so no one will be able to listen in on your calls.”

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