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Sunglasses that feel like a portable face pillow

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Sunglasses that feel like a portable face pillow

Well, you're a firestarter. We never forgot the glimmer of your tongue ring, but it’s the way you rocked those sunglasses that truly made our heart go pitter-patter at Glastonbury ‘95. There are two extremes in which thrive on the sartorial spectrum: Bass Pro Shops/PBR-drinking uncle, and crusty-balloon-pants-ed cyberpunk. We prefer to have one leg in both, and a fresh pair of frosty Oakleys is just the ticket. Catch us in the iconic brand’s new Collection frames, or in its classic Crankshaft sunnies, which have garnered a 4.6-star rating on Amazon.

You’re ‘The Dude’

We swerve for sunnies that make us look like we know how to parallel park (we don’t) and nothing says “gifted grifter” better than a pair of tinted shades. These sets are worthy of The Dude himself, and boast a whole gamut of mustard-hued lenses in aviator and square-shaped frames.

We could go into heavy detail about why these sunglasses shades are so perfect, from the slightly raised rectangular shape to the fact that they’re 57% off, but you weren’t born yesterday. You were born today, from a 3D printer, and just started speaking in tongues about bitcoin and lizard people (and we never stopped listening).

… But make it fashion. The  brand  is at its best when it plays with proportion and form, and this time it took a playful page straight from Super Mario Bros with these pixelated lookin’ shades.

Finally, sunglasses that feel like a portable face pillow. These limited edition shades are lined in a comfy, zebra-print fleece that rolled right out of our lucid dreams.

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