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How we tested the the best running sunglasses?

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How we tested the the best running sunglasses?

While the sunglasses may seem a little simpler than many running sunglasses, that doesn't mean it lacks any tech specs., the glasses adapts to varying degrees of sunlight, providing full coverage on the road or trail. When I tested the red mirror lenses, I had clear depth perception and vision with almost no light leakage. The vented rubber nose bridge keeps the lenses from fogging up too much, and with the textured temples, the frame sits comfortably on my face.

Interchangeable lenses are great if you want to run in different light conditions, but actually changing the lenses is rather difficult. I was eventually able to remove them with some force, but not without fear that I would damage the frame and lens. On the plus side - you never risk losing a shot halfway through.

The temples of thesunglasses do have some flexibility, but they're not as stretchable as the other sunglasses on our list. After wearing them for about 30 minutes, they started to dig a little deeper into the sides of my head. It's not unbelievably uncomfortable, not even that noticeable, but it might be if I had a bigger head.

Given the unbelievably low prices on it, I'm very skeptical of their quality. I've bought a lot of cheap sunglasses in the past (the key word here is a lot - they broke after a few weeks and I always had to replace them), but none of them worked on my running days. They would slip off my nose, or the lenses would fog up, or they would bounce so hard that I would start dizzy in about two miles.

But it shocked me in the best possible way. Not only did they stay put for the entire 5k, a feat a model without nose pads couldn't accomplish, they didn't bend or break in my purse and gym bag (and I didn't have to worry about them bending or breaking).

Unlike some of the more expensive models on our list, the sunglasses has a thicker frame and a classic Wayfarer-esque design. This construction has advantage - the strong and durable temples are less susceptible to impact

We tested each pair of running sunglasseson short to mid distance outdoor runs (2 to 6 miles), in varying weather, temperature, and light conditions. All sunglasses were tested on road runs, with the exception of the sunglasses, which was tested on short distance trail runs.

All sunglasses were evaluated for several factors, including performance, comfort, and coverage during use, durability, and versatility for non-running related usage.

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