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Different kinds of glasses

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Different kinds of glasses

Cat-Eye Audio Frames

The cat-eye design and high gloss finish of the Sunglasses makes them a good choice if you’re looking for a more stylish look combined with a more luxurious feel. The polarized lenses resist scratches and are shatterproof, and they can block 99 percent of UVA/B rays. You can get up to 5.5 hours of listening time from a single charge, and control music and calls via the right temple of the sunglasses.

Smart Audio Glasses

The Smart Glassesare designed with both blue light lenses to help protect your eyes when staring at your digital devices and also polarized lenses for outdoor usage, so they can be swapped out depending on your needs. The design means they can resist sweat and water splashes, so they’re great for working out. A single charge provides more than five hours of playtime, and the touch interface on the frame is used to control media and calls.

Bluetooth Smart Audio Sunglasses

The classic aviator design is just one of several styles you can choose from with the Bluetooth Smart Audio Sunglasses. “Talk about an upgrade in eyewear - these smart sunglasses offer lenses with polarization and UV protection with the integrated Bluetooth, connectable to your phone, laptop and smartwatch anytime,” Villano says. Two easy buttons on the front of the sunglass arm allow you to change songs or grab a call easily, and they offer up to an eight-hour battery life and recharge via a magnetic charger.”

Bluetooth Audio Smart Sunglasses

Smart Sunglasses are another option for blocking the sun’s rays while listening to your favorite tunes and receiving calls hand-free. “Stylish for both men and women, these glasses are super light and comfortable,” says Alison Roessler, strength and conditioning specialist, and founder/CEO of Truve, a private training facility and wellness center in Oakland, CA. “They make you feel like you are in a spy movie—and an added bonus is that they provide blue light blocking technology, which helps improve the longevity of your eyes.” The dust and water-resistant glasses have touch controls on both sides of the frames and the battery provides 4 hours of phone calls, music, or voice assistance.

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