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High Quality Anti Spy Privacy Screen Protector 2.5d 9h Tempered Glass For Phone 15 14 Pro Max Screen Protector Phone 15 Max

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  • 2.5D Tempered Glass


Key Specifications/ Special Features:

1. Features

1) Type: iPhone series half screen transparent tempered film;

2) Product technology: tempering;

3) Material: South glass high aluminum + 0.33mm AB adhesive.

4) Pencil hardness: 9H, can effectively resist scratching.

5)Oleophobic coating: anti-fingerprint, anti-soiling, easy to clean.

6) explosion-proof technology: full-screen explosion-proof will not splash broken glass to ensure safety.

2.  Production process

Mold: plastic plate knife mold

Principle: Use special chemical solution to repair the extension micro-cracks on the glass end face caused by CNC cutting, so that the cracks will shrink or even disappear to enhance the anti-mechanical ability of the product.

Required equipment: Reclaimer, CNC fine engraving equipment, two-strength bubbling machine, polishing machine, flat grinding equipment, ultrasonic cleaning machine, tempering furnace, plasma spraying equipment, precision laminating equipment

Process flow: open material (1min) → CNC (3min) → cleaning (40min) → two strong (10min) → sweeping (6min) → cleaning (40min) → tempering (6H) → cleaning (40min) → spraying AF (1H) → laminating (1min) → inspection (1min) → labeling (1min) → packaging (2min) → storage

OEM/ODM orders are welcome

  • Descriptions:

  • o    Material: tempered glass from Japan
    o    Fit for the curved edge
    o    0.33mm thickness body with precise cutting
    o    Sample cost: free charge, in stock
    o    Right angle/arc edge, fashionable and beautiful
    o    Hardness: 9H, super transparency
    o    Anti-oil, easy absorption
    o    Pure touch sensitivity
    o    Hardness: 9H, extremely scratches, wearing and shock-resistant
    o    Rounded borders, smooth edges
    o    Easy to wipe and clean, face is smooth
    o    Repeatable use, no residue, no bubble
    o    Exquisite crack when it is broken and won't hurt people

NO. Item Unit Result
1 Base film thickness Mm 0.4±0.01
2 Total thickness Mm 0.59±0.02
3 Water drop angle test parameters ° 105°~118°
4 Adhesion(G/50MM) G 12.8~14.6
5 Pencil hardness test H 9H
6 Transparency test % 91%-92%
7 Rainbow stripe - Pass

Product features

1、Using high alumina glass material of Southern Glass, the impact resistance and scratch resistance of the product are guaranteed;

2, high aluminum glass, impact resistance is greatly provided, doubled on the basis of the original (medium aluminum) (64g steel ball, 60cm height, center point free fall 3 times, the product is not broken);

3, anti-fingerprint treatment, can be anti-soiling, easy to clean (surface water drop angle up to 115 degrees or more)

4, the surface hardness of up to 9H, can effectively anti-scratch, explosion-proof screen;

5, full-screen explosion-proof will not splash broken glass to ensure safety;

6, smooth exhaust, a sticker to the end, no residual glue, no white edge.


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