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Bone conduction Headphones Market

Views: 0     Author: Silvia     Publish Time: 2022-08-09      Origin: Site


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Bone conduction Headphones Market

Advantages: Freeing both ears, the two ears are completely free, and the surrounding sound can still be heard when wearing bone conduction, suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts, while having a conversation or listening to music.

Long-term wear can protect hearing function from damage.

It protects the privacy of calls and reduces external leakage sounds, which can be beneficial to use in special environments.

Not limited by physiological conditions, it is effective for the hearing impaired (hearing impairment caused by the sound transmission system from the outer ear to the middle ear)

The Uses: 

Fields of bone conduction: military, medical, and of course, those trendy bone conduction headphones, gym-goers and other physically active people who need headphones designed to stay on their head while exercising;

joggers or bikers or climbers who want to keep their ears open for approaching traffic or people trying to say something to them;

users who listen to audio in a social environment and need to be at least partially attuned to what peers or announcements are saying;

Focus on high-quality headphones to bring immersive listening experience.
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